All classes are held at the Morph Knitwear studio located in SE Portland at 3773 SE Belmont Street

basic knitting 

In this class we will learn the ultimate basics to knitting. No previous skill is needed! Seriously - you can come to class never having even looked at a ball of yarn before.

We'll cover how to cast on, bind off, how to do the knit stitch, the purl stitch, and basic pattern reading in this class. We'll also cover the differences between garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and a basic 1x1 rib stitch by knitting examples of each. You'll leave the class having started a pattern for a chunky scarf or cowl, which can be finished at your leisure at home. 

Each class session is three hours long; all classes are held Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm.

Please indicate upon checkout whether you need yarn and knitting needles and I'll have the appropriate amount of a chunky wool yarn and knitting needles ready for you to use upon your arrival! (Choose black, grey, or white yarn- all yarn provided by me will contain animal fiber, please provide your own yarn if you prefer not to work with wool/other animal fiber. Materials cost is an additional $30). 

If you are bringing your own materials please come with 150 - 300 yards of a chunky weight yarn, and size 13 knitting needles, either straight or circular. 


Minimum number of students: 3

Maximum number of students: 7




basic knitting
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Knitting in the round

Ever wanted to knit on 5 little double pointed needles at once? How about knit a hat on circular needles? Make a sweater without seams?

 In this class I'll teach you how to begin, knit, and finish a project in the round, using both double pointed and circular needles. This is a technique class, one without a specific pattern, and both types of knitting needles as well as a ball of yarn are included in the cost of the class. (All yarn I provide will contain animal fiber- if you prefer not to use sheep's wool or other animal fibers please bring your own ball of DK weight yarn. If you like the yarn I provide and want to continue using it for your first project knit in the round, you'll have the opportunity to buy larger quantities from me after class.) We'll also discuss how to read patterns written in the round, as well as how to do shaping, increasing, and decreasing using both DPNs and circular needles. 

Each class session is two hours long; all classes are held Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9pm.


Minimum number of students: 3

Maximum number of students: 10



knitting in the round
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Knitting As Ancestral Connection

Knitting is both an art and a practical skill, one that you’ll have the option to learn from scratch in this workshop, or, if you’re already skilled, to learn a new pattern and practice mindful knitting as a way to connect to self and ancestors. To knit is to create any number of items from one strand of fiber, a beautiful lesson in continuity and connection and in this workshop we will follow that strand back through the ages, feeling and discussing our intermingled histories through fiber, pattern, and tradition.

In this two session class we will cover casting on, the knit stitch, purl stitch, basic pattern reading, knitting in the round, basic shaping, and how to bind off at the end of a project. Each student will leave with the pattern for and beginnings of a project to be finished at home. All knitting needles and yarn will be provided as part of the registration fee - the yarn is specially provided by my mother and is spun from the sheep she raises on her micro-farm in Corvallis Oregon.  

My teachers are my mother, my grandmothers, and my great-grandmothers, women who have blessed my life immensely, and who I honor by offering this class. 



This workshop is divided into two four hour classes. Session one is Saturday April 29th and Sunday April 30th 2017, from 10am-2pm both days. Session two is Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 14th 2017, from 10am-2pm both days. (Both days of each session include a 45 minute lunch break!)


Minimum number of students per session: 3

Maximum number of students per session: 8



knitting as Ancestral Connection
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private lessons

You can hire me for private knitting lessons! I am willing to tutor in a whole range of techniques and methods, including basic knitting, pattern reading, pattern drafting, and any number of techniques. 

Areas that I do NOT cover are lace knitting, colorwork, and intarsia. 

To book a private lesson please email or contact me with your area of interest, schedule, and paypal email. Each private session is $30/hour per student.