January & February 2017: The Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund through Earth Justice

Despite a few interruptions on the Morph Knitwear end (our studio was broken into in early January and approximately $6,000 worth of finished garments were stolen), I'm still committed to donating what I can to where it's needed! 

So, a portion of all sales made in January and February is being donated to the Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund via Earth Justice

At this point in time, the President of the US has signed an illegal executive order allowing the immediate continuation of the Dakota Access Pipeline as hundreds of water protectors are being arrested and charged for simply standing their ground and protesting a corporate choice that directly impacts their well being and future, as well as that of the environment. 

I am particularly dedicated to standing with the Standing Rock Sioux because I see this struggle as a perfect distillation of how environmental justice is a human rights issue and a social justice issue, and I believe we must stand united to fight for the rights of both the earth and earth peoples, especially those, such as the Native peoples of the US, who are historically and systemically oppressed and repressed.

In addition to Earth Justice, you can make individual donations to support the water protesters and fight against the DAPL through the organizations and fundraisers below: (many of the fundraisers are past their initial goal, however it's important to still donate! Legal issues are expensive, many of the raised dollars have already been spent in court, and there are still more legal battles to come)

Water Protector Legal Collective

Lakota People's Law Project

Red Warrior Defense Fund

Red Fawn Legal Fund

Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund

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