Shop Favorites : Top 5 Bestselling Pieces

One of the most fun parts about designing knitwear is the response to each piece. I've often found that the pieces I love the most don't sell the most, and pieces I feel iffy about are immediate hits!

Since I produce on a different schedule (read, when I can, amidst the chaos of running a tiny but multidimensional business!) than big fast fashion brands, I also get to decide how long a piece will be available. This means that I get to offer pieces for much longer than a season or two, and don't feel the need to discontinue them just because the trends have changed. 

Which means that the bestsellers are bestsellers over several years, not just in the past few months! I really prefer it this way, because I strive to make clothing that will never be phased out by nebulous, ever changing trends. My knits are made to last for years, if not a lifetime, and I hope that they get worn for as long as they still have life! 

1. The bamboo kimono robe in black

2. The merino wool vest

3. The Dryw sweater

4. The wool crop sweaters (ok so this is cheating, since I'm including 3 colors, but hey, they're popular!)

5. The Saoirse dress

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