Welcome to the Morph Knitwear Journal!


As Morph Knitwear continues to grow, evolve, and well...morph, I have decided to once again dip into the world of keeping an online journal.

I've been lucky enough that my brand has been supported over the years primarily by Instagram alone, but it's come to a point where I'd like to branch out, both because of Instagram's more & more infuriating algorithms, and because I think it'll be nice to connect via this longer form medium. 

(I also used to be a prolific blogger in my teens and early 20's. Not to say my blog was at all successful, just that I sure had a lot to say about a lot of things! So, maybe I'm also feeling a little nostalgic & wanna stretch those blogging muscles.) 

This will be the space where I come to talk about shop updates, bestselling pieces, what inspires me, my design process, upcoming projects, shop news, how I wear Morph Knitwear, how you wear Morph Knitwear (?!), current stockists, what projects and organizations I'm currently supporting, discussions about fibers, dyes, techniques and more.

Welcome, friend, I hope you enjoy! 


Angela ThorntonComment