No seasons. No industry. No rules.

Morph Knitwear is the creation of Portland, Oregon based designer Angela Thornton. Angela melds artistry and utilitarianism to create handmade garments that challenge the traditional perception of knitwear, while retaining classic virtues of durability and timeless elegance.

Each garment is crafted using the highest quality fibers- including linen, wool, cashmere, silk, alpaca, and cotton. Each piece of Morph Knitwear is created with a focus on the shape and texture of the fabric and its unique qualities and imperfections.

Morph Knitwear is an extremely intimate expression of self and emotion, and as such perpetually changes and evolves. The concepts of individuality and intimacy used in the act of knitting endure over each evolution and are brought into relationship with the wearer- a personal communing between craftsman and wearer through the knitted fibers of a garment. 

Morph Knitwear is a return to the production of clothing as artisan craftsmanship, a challenge to the fashion industry's churning belly of factory produced throw-away goods. We hope you will join our revolution.

contact Angela here or at: info@morphknitwear.com