Morph Knitwear garments are constructed to last a lifetime, and with proper love and care they will! 

Washing should always be done gently, wether by hand or in a machine. Generally we recommend using cool or cold water to preserve the color and prevent shrinking. It is also important to use a gentle, appropriate detergent- for wool pieces we recommend using a specific wool wash (like Eucalan); for other fibers any gentle clothing detergent will do. 

Both natural and high quality synthetic fabrics have a tendency to pill with use and wear, and our garments are no exception. We suggest investing in a high quality sweater brush for fine knit pieces, and brushing your piece periodically to remove pills. Doing this will gently disengage the pilled fibers without damaging the garment. For loose knits we recommend using a pumice sweater stone or gently working your sweater brush over the areas that need de-pilling, being careful not to tug on or pull out the stitches.